Set yourself on the path to home selling success with the help of these top seller-related tips:

1. Partner With an Expert Edmonton REALTOR®

If you’re thinking about selling your Edmonton home, the very first thing you’ll want to do is team up with a qualified Edmonton REALTOR®. Not only will they attract and negotiate with buyers on your behalf, but they will also ensure your home sells as quickly and for a great price.

2. Get Your Free Market Evaluation

Your REALTOR® will go to work immediately by assessing your home’s value. Taking current market conditions into account, your agent will help you come up with the ultimate asking price, based on your home’s current condition. That being said, they will also suggest ways in which you can improve your home’s condition, thereby increasing its value.

See: Free Home Evaluation for more information 

3. Tackle Renovations and Repairs

Be sure to tackle any outstanding renovations or repairs before you put your home on the market. These may include improvements as suggested by your REALTOR® during your Free Market Evaluation, as well as other upgrades (i.e. replacing an old roof, adding a fresh coat of paint, fixing a leaky faucet, etc.).

Set the stage image

4. Set the Stage

Put your home’s best face forward with the help of home staging. Whether you choose to hire a professional stager or do it on your own (your REALTOR® can help you), staging serves to make your home look bigger, cleaner and makes it easier for potential buyers to see themselves living in the space.

5. Be Flexible

When it comes to showings and/or open houses, your REALTOR® will do their best to accommodate your unique schedule. However, it’s important to remain as flexible as possible (i.e. in the event of a last-minute showing) in order to keep your sale prospects open. During this time, be sure to keep your home in show-ready condition to ensure it looks its best at all times.

6. Rely on Your REALTOR®

Here again, your agent will attract buyers and orchestrate showings on your behalf. During this time, your REALTOR® will negotiate with buyers to ensure you get the best price possible for your home. While your agent will be in touch with regular updates, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

7. Get Ready for Closing Day

Another great perk of partnering with a good Edmonton REALTOR®? Next to no paperwork! While closing day represents the official transfer of ownership from you, the seller, to the buyer, you can count on your agent to take care of the red tape and associated details for you. Congratulations on the sale of your home!